Mapping on Sea-Star MHC Genes in Invertebrates


  •   Michel Leclerc

  •   Loïc Baerlocher


MHC genes have been discovered in Echinodermata (Invertebrates containing 5 classes).2 classes (Ophuirids, Crinoïds) out of 5 possess HLA E, HLA B (Class I), HLADRB1, HLADQB1 (Class II). By the use of Mapping we identified 2 other MHC genes (Class II) in another Echinodermata: the sea star Asterias rubens (Asterids).

Keywords: Mapping; Invertebrates, MHC genes; sea star


Leclerc M. (2020) Proteomics and Bioinformatics 2(1): 59-61.

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Leclerc, M., & Baerlocher, L. (2021). Mapping on Sea-Star MHC Genes in Invertebrates. European Journal of Biology and Biotechnology, 2(2), 60-62.