List of Accepted Papers


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Enzymatic Activities, Characteristics of Wood-Decay and Wood Substrate Specificity within Genera of Some Wood-Rotting Basidiomycetes from Cameroon and Tropical Africa

Fabrice Tsigaing Tsigain, Blondo-Pascal Metsebing, Dominique Claude Mossebo, Leif Randulff Ryvarden, Romuald Oba, Choupo Guifo, Nkodo Ekemé, Frank Trésor Mvomo Andela, Annette Lauriane Megne, Nelly Amanda Simé, Sylvie Eudoxie Ngo Mbock, Ulrich Landry Fokoua

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Inhibitory Effect of Lactic Acid Bacteria on Aflatoxin B1 Producing Aspergillus flavus Isolated from Garri

O. J. Egbere, C. E. Odu, I. A. Onyimba, A. C. Ngene, M. M. Dashen, A. O. Ogaji, W. N. Hemen, E. E. Entonu

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Physicochemical Changes of Commercial “Kounou” During Short Term Storage at Room and Refrigerated Temperatures

James Ronald Bayoï, Bakari Daoudou, Simon Ndegoue Vecha, Djoulde Darman Roger, François-Xavier Etoa

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